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Leisure batteries?

Who’d have thought it would be so hard to choose a leisure battery? After a lot of trawling around I’ve gone for an Elecsol 110-12V 110Ah Carbon Fibre Deep Cycle Battery. It gets endorsements from The Caravan Club, Auto Trail … Continue reading

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Cooker and Sink Acquired

Found a cooker and sink combination that will fit in the narrow worktop and has two separate glass lids. It’s a Smev MO922L. It came with all the pipe and conections required, even the gas bottle regulator. Bought from here … Continue reading

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Floor Panel And A 1st Attempt At Carpeting

On Sunday I had a go at re-covering the side panels. The old grey carpet was a pain to get off but the new carpet went on easily. The Kingspan insulation got fitted and gaps filled with expanding foam. Then … Continue reading

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Stripping Continues

Early Saturday start on stripping it out. The grey carpeting was good quality but not the colour I wanted so it needed ripping out. The ply panels came off easily. Dumped in the garage for re-covering. Theres no insulation behind … Continue reading

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Ripping Out

The first job was to take the second row of seats out as these weren’t needed for the conversion. I stuck them on ebay for £100 and they sold within a day which was unexpected. With the seats out I … Continue reading

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1st Things 1st

The van was bought in Devon with 46k miles on it. It’s a T4 2.5 SWB. The previous owner had put two side windows in it and carpeted it in grey. There was also a second row of three seats … Continue reading

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