Summer In Europe Trip 2010

Daily trip reports now posted. Click on links at top of this page.

About whatton

Family guy with a motorbike, VW Camper and a camera. Electrical Engineer and compulsive tinkerer. Have been known to tie one on now and again.
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3 Responses to Summer In Europe Trip 2010

  1. Stephen Mc says:

    Hey there T4 buddy, can you help me out and confirm what coulor blue your van is sprayed in please? I’ve got a T4 coversion in exactley the same colour. My wife scraped it down a wall last weekend and now the mobile re-spray guy I’ve got in to sort it cannot match the colour. Is it INCA Blue or RAVEN blue or somethign similar?

    Happy trails, Ste.

    • whatton says:

      Stephen, I believe it’s VW Paint code LW5Y Bright Blue Pearl. Thats the colour that i asked the pop top roof to be sprayed when it was installed and it matches.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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