Summer In Europe Trip 2010 Part 2

So, the next days plan was to head to Germany to find a bar where we could watch the Germans play Uruguay. After texting a German mate he recommended a village called St Martin near Jockgrim.

We loaded up on baguettes from the local bakers for lunch. French bread is great but won’t last more than 12 hours before transforming into a riot baton.

We found the place suggested, had a long conversation with the old guy that ran the campsite, us speaking English of which he understood not a word and him speaking German which we pretended to understand. I did know that “mit strom” meant “with electricity”, which we wanted on the pitch to power the vans fridge.

Unfortunately I didn’t know what “mind your head as we go through this very low door to a room where I will show you the showers and toilets”. He seemed to be highly amused by the sight of an Englishman sat on the washroom floor holding his head and swearing loudly.

The site was small but not too crowded and there was a bar restaurant next to the site with a TV. Oh joy.

I started raining just before the game started, but the sun stayed out, which was odd. I had a few beers then wandered up to the bar with Lizzie.

We got seats at the back of the room with the bar in it, there was another room full of blokes watching a second tele. This second TV was showing the same game but the commentary was a few seconds ahead of ours, this meant as we watched the lead up to a goal attempt we heard the blokes in the other room groan if it failed before we’d seen it.

Germany won and all was merry and backslappingly jolly. Lots of people shook the Englishman’s hand and kissed his wife on the check. I could feel the love..

We went to the van, ate something out of a tin, had a bottle of wine or two then returned to the bar for the next game that evening. The sun was setting.

By the end of the next game I was everybody’s best mate and we all loved each other in that unspoken drunken way. The owner gave us some shots of a chilli flavoured schnapps and I decided to call it a night, back at the van I found a bottle of Jager and decided on a night cap.

I woke up at four in the morning in wet clothes asleep in the deckchair outside.

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