Summer In Europe Trip 2010 Part 4

So after paying the letch his twenty yo-yo’s for a pitch for the night and a few ogles at the wife’s bum we were on our way to Slovenia. Just after crossing the border we stopped in a pull in and had our usual lunch of gum grazing French bread and ham.

We found the only campsite on Lake Bled after a trip through a Slovenian farmers yard that the Zumo thought was a public road. The farmer was kind and didn’t shoot us or set his wild rabid dogs on us. Which was nice.

The site was a five star, not sure how they decide this but it was quite posh. Lots of nice clean crappers and hot showers. We decided to stay two nights.

I fired the bbq up again and had a few cans of cheap local beer and a bottle of nasty Slovenian red.

The next day we wandered into Bled, only 3 km around the lake from the campsite. Well that’s what laddo on reception said. Was it hell. I was sweating like a good’un by the time we made the first bar in Bled.

We sat outside and I ordered a large pevo and a bowl of goulash. Liz ordered a salad and then spilt olive oil on her . Scruffy mare.

The toilet doors were interesting, as was the young man who wandered in to find me taking pictures of them.

We walked back after a wander about and a few more beers and I took some very touristy photos of the lake.

The next night would be the night of the Germany Vs. Spain game so we decided to head for the Slovinian seaside where we could find a bar with a tele within stumbling distance of the campsite. You have to get your priorities right when on tour.

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