Summer In Europe Trip 2010 Part 7

On the way to the South of the island the next day we found a supermarket and stocked up on beer, fags and food. All very cheap. The fags were £2 a packet so we bought 4000 and liz worked out we’d saved £800 on what they’d of cost at home.

At the other end of the island we found what we’d be looking for. A campsite with great views over the sea, it’s own small sandy beach and a small restaurant bar. It wasn’t too busy either.

The piches were all on terraces so you didn’t look into the tent or van in front of you but over them, a good idea.

There was even a cool old hippy bus parked up behind us. It was a very relaxed kind of place.

The beach made Lizzie a happy bunny and she spent a lot of the next three days burning herself on it.

We had a wander to the small town nearby one day and got a view of our campsite from the hill.

The town was a small port with lots of bars and cafes, reminded me of Italy but without the franticness or snobyness that Italian towns seem to have.

The first night we cooked at the van but then as we wanted to watch the play off for third place and then the final we ate at the site restaurant for the next two nights. I worked out we had eight large beers and a bottle of wine, two portions of calamari and fries and two tomato salads for twenty two quid. Which wasn’t going to break the bank.

The night of the world cup final we sat with a group of Dutch lads on one side of us and a group of Croatians, supporting Spain, on the other. At the end of the game after a lot of shouting and singing the Croatians bought all the Dutch boys a beer. A nice gesture.

The wild life was good too, these fellas played dead when you picked them up….

We had four nights at Camping Skrila. And I think we’ll be back another year. It made the wife happy and I couldn’t fault the local beer.

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