Summer In Europe Trip 2010 The Last Bit

Because we’d still got three days before the ferry and were a distance away from Calais that could have been done in a day on the Autoroutes I set the GPS for shortest route and headed off on the little roads of France.

Small villages and single tracks eventually brought us to the medieval town of Langres and a campsite within the old walled town, seen bottom right of the photo below….

We set up then wandered around the old town, had a beer outside a café and generally looked like tourists, taking pictures of old buildings. I managed to find some English paperbacks in a bookshop and Liz bought me a sausage holder for the bbq.

We had a bit of a sausage fest for tea seeing as I now had the technical equipment required. We shared it with a mad Dutchman who was camping with a pushbike and trailer. He’d been living on tinned ravioli and baked beans for a week and couldn’t stop farting.

When we left the next morning we drove by his tent and both heard him let rip above the sound of our engine. An incredible talent really.

I did the little roads of France thing again and generally pottered North. We stopped and ate lunch on the edge of a huge forest and I took the opportunity to do what bears do when in a wood.

The sausages must have stirred something up as I was a while and Liz got a bit worried that I might have been bit by a snake. Women have vivid imaginations don’t they?

At the last campsite of the trip Liz decided to make the most of the sun as we’d heard it was miserable weather in the UK. We were in a town called Chalons en Campagne.

I fed the geese with riot baton bread.

As it got dark it started to rain, so we dined in the van for the first time of the trip. It’s a cosy affair.

The rain stopped after an hour and we had a wander, found a bar, had a few last drinks to toast the trip and then hit the sack.

The next day we made it to Calais ten hours before our scheduled midnight sailing but managed to get loaded on the ferry leaving then. By teatime we were home and unpacking. I made it to the pub for a few Saturday night beers with the locals and that was that.

A successful first European trip for Van Miguel. Hope this hasn’t bored you too much.

2 Responses to Summer In Europe Trip 2010 The Last Bit

  1. shuffty says:

    Loved reading your blog – France is now calling my name! 🙂

  2. David Dowling says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog and it provided us with some great ideas for future trips including some great barbecue tips!

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