Summer In Europe Trip 2010 Part 1

Well it’s done and we’re back, bit of a write up below………

I’ve been to a lot of places on a motorbike that I wanted to go back to with the wife and this trip ticked a few of them off the list. Hope you enjoy this 🙂

We left at teatime on Thursday after getting the van back from having all sorts of new bits stuck in the engine to replace some broken bits. We dined on fish and chips from Dover’s finest Turkish chippie. Our sailing from Dover was the midnight one but as we made the port for half eight we got on an earlier crossing.

At half twelve we pulled off the Autoroute at an Aire and bedded down for the night along side some homosexual lorry drivers. I knew they were homosexual as the gents bog had all their mobile numbers written on the wall offering various sexual favours.

I was up before them so as to avoid an encounter while performing my morning’s constitutionals.

Liz wasn’t too amused at the early hour or the surroundings for her breakfast.

By teatime on Friday we’d made it to a camping municipal at a town called St Mihiel. Just 8 Euro a night and very tidy. The managers idiot son kept us amused driving the ride on mower randomly around while he dribbled and twitched.

I liked this old van. Quite stylish.

I lit the bbq and uncorked a cheeky red.

Liz dressed for dinner, lemon and white wine marinated chicken with cous cous and flageolet beans. Afterwards we chilled with the remaining vino.

The mission for day one completed so we retired to bed to feed the local mozzies with our fine alcohol tainted blood.

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