1st Trip – Scotland – March 2010

Decided to give the van a trial run over a long weekend.

The van was nearly finished and a trip up to Scotland was overdue.

Work sent me to Perth on Thursday so it worked out even better as they could pick up the tab for my fuel.

Nice up in the mountains.



Ended up in Grant On Spay at a good campsite.


Knocked up a bit of dinner and then settled in to watch a few videos on the laptop. Nothing too racey, after all this was an official caravan club site.


On Friday I took a long route over to Fort William on small roads I’d previously done on my motorbike.




This is the same Loch in 2006 when I was on my bike….


Stopped at the Comando Memorial. No coaches full of tourists there this time, unlike when I’ve been there in the Summer, just me and a couple of other people. Quite stirring the quietness and the brooding clouds.





Stopped at a mates place in Fort William that night.

The next day I took the scenic route down to Bridge of Cally to meet some other friends who were stopping in a bunkhouse up there.

We had a riotous night and at one point did a few Jager Trains.



In the morning I found some signwriting on the van. Good effort I thought.


I drove South and spent the night on a campsite in Northumberland. Then home Monday

Top weekend in Van Miguel, I can see more of the same this year.

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