Summer In Europe Trip 2010 Part 3

With a hangover which could have been donated to medical science we packed up the next morning to head for Garmisch, it was the weekend of the official BMW Motorbike rally/event and as I’d never made it there on the bike I thought it’d be interesting to see what it was all about.

On the way we popped into a town called Jockgrim where my mates parents live.

I showed Lizzie around where we’d been two years earlier for a beer and wine festival then headed South.

The campsite in Garmisch was just outside the town. Liz decided the owner was a letch and immediately took a dislike to him. The town was a bit odd, lots of signs up in English offering food and happy hours, there was even a pole dancing club. It was all a bit Blackpool in the Alps.

This English chap was opposite it us, he’d brought his BMW R1200GS down on a trailer behind his camper. I didn’t bother talking to him, I’d of probably said something to upset him anyway.

I was glad I’d never bothered going on the bike, it was all a bit sad.

We looked at the maps and decided to head for Lake Bled in Slovinia the next day. I’d been on my bike five years ago and knew Liz would like it. Had a couple of beers and decided that I needed sleep as my pervious day’s hangover was still battling away with my few remaining brain cells.

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